Frequently asked questions

What’s the point of the CleanFuego Overweight (8oz)?

While 5¼oz is the weight of a regulation baseball, we also engineered the CleanFuego Overweight (8oz) to help players get a better feel for the baseball. The CleanFuego Overweight is also a great alternative to the leather weighted baseballs that are used in throwing programs. Some players have found that when using overweighted baseballs they subconsciously cut the ball. This "cutting" promotes an inefficient spin, which is not what the athlete is trying to accomplish. Unfortunately, with a normal ball the athlete does not have any visual cue as to whether they are cutting the ball. The CleanFuego Overweight helps provide this visual cue.

Should I change my arm slot to throw CleanFuego more efficiently?

NO!! CleanFuego can be thrown from all slots. If you're a high, a side-arm, sub, a 3/4 - it doesn't matter. The goal of training with CleanFuego is to learn how to throw and release the ball so the flat sides are hidden. This promotes efficient spin and can help understand spin direction. If you are experimenting with changing your arm slot, CleanFuego can assist you in finding the most natural slot that produces the highest spin efficiency.

Is CleanFuego only for pitchers?

No way! CleanFuego can be used by any player to improve their throw and release. It’s been used by position players, outfielders, and even among batting practice throwers. And we're discovering new ways to utilize CleanFuego around the field. We'd love to hear how you're using this training tool, so tag us on our Facebook or Instagram.

Can I throw CleanFuego into a wall?

No. While CleanFuego is incredibly durable, it's a training tool. We recommend throwing CleanFuego with a partner or net.

Should I throw CleanFuego with a partner or into a net?

We recommend throwing CleanFuego during your warm-up routine with a teammate or partner. A net is an alternative, but the dynamic shape of CleanFuego can make the bounceback unpredictable. Use CleanFuego with a net at your own discretion. Another alternative, if you don't have a partner or net available, is to lay on your back. Then toss CleanFuego toward the sky to help polish your technique and feel of spin direction.

How far should I throw CleanFuego?

The distance you throw CleanFuego depends entirely up to the player and/or coach. We recommend no further than 70 feet; however, some players use CleanFuego throughout their entire long-toss program. This is very difficult though, and should be done only at the athletes own discretion!

How do I know if I'm using CleanFuego correctly?

HIDE THE SIDES! That's the foundation of CleanFuego. When you throw CleanFuego from your normal arm slot, you don't want to see the flat sides of the ball while it’s in flight. If CleanFuego wobbles in flight, it's your visual cue that something was off with your throw.

What age can players start training with CleanFuego?

We recommend CleanFuego to ages 13 and up. When a player no longer holds the baseball with a three-finger grip, it's possible to start training with CleanFuego.

Who can use CleanFuego?

Anyone. And tell us how you're training with CleanFuego. Make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook!

How do I know if CleanFuego is working for me?

You’ll feel your throws are released “cleaner” and the feel of your release will be smoother. You can also track your progress and improvements by using a baseball data capturing device.

Is CleanFuego Patented?

Yes. CleanFuego is a patented - U.S. Patent No. 10561915. CleanFuego is also a trademark with the USPTO.