Spin efficiency. Spin direction. Pitch design. Timing. 

America's game has advanced, and today's elite athletes need elite training tools.

CleanFuego is an essential training device for any baseball player looking to learn or polish pitches, ​learn to better grip and release, work out subtle changes in real-time, and so much more!

Learn the proper feel and release of fastballs, curveballs, change-ups, and sliders.

CleanFuego Regulation was engineered to replicate the exact dimensions of a regulation baseball (5¼oz).

A CleanFuego Overweight (8oz), which also replicates the dimensions of a baseball, was created so players could easily work it into their weighted ball training programs.

Now go! Throw Clean. Throw Fuego.



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"I rely very heavily on the deception of my fastball. I throw it 90% of the time, so I have to have it locked in. CleanFuego helps me work on improving the spin rate and spin efficiency that I need to create the deception that makes my fastball effective. It gives you instant feedback. Didn't stay through it enough? Wobble. Didn't get good extension? Wobble. Got too rotational? Wobble. It helps me lock in the timing of my delivery and emphasize the extension and hand action that I need to make my fastball more effective. CleanFuego has helped me stay ready during quarantine and it is now an essential part of my throwing program."


Washington Nationals

2019 World Series Champion



By throwing CleanFuego, baseball players are able to receive immediate visual feedback on their throw. Improper release will cause CleanFuego to “wobble” as it flies through the air. The physics and design of CleanFuego will let players also “feel” whether the ball was properly released from your fingers.


Many relievers that have trained with a weighted ball program struggle to determine a good warm-up process. Spin efficiency varies from outing to outing, and CleanFuego could be the training aid to help maintain a high spin efficiency throw. Without proper timing/release, a high fastball could either become a homerun or a strikeout depending on the spin efficiency of the pitch. CleanFuego can help pitchers get their best arsenal ready before entering the game.


CleanFuego is an excellent aid in helping explain complicated items such as spin direction. Teaching that a slider needs a spin direction of 9:00 to 11:00 will most likely make the player’s head explode, especially at the youth and collegiate levels. Training these concepts with CleanFuego, spin direction can make sense and players and coaches both have immediate visual feedback to understand whether the release was proper.


CleanFuego helps create the conversation of how a player holds the ball. Soft grip? Tight grip? Are they throwing from their fingertips? Is the seam in the first or second crease of their fingers? Which way does the horseshoe face? A player can quickly identify which grip would be most advantageous for a better throw. It’s similar to adjusting golf clubs to your swing. CleanFuego can help you learn how to adjust your grip to your throw.

Additionally, CleanFuego has a true center of mass. This helps players find the middle of the baseball.



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