CLEANFUEGO SET (5¼oz & 8oz)

  • $99.99

With CleanFuego®, players and coaches receive immediate visual feedback about the success and dynamics of each throw and, in real time, make adjustments.

CleanFuego uses a patented, groundbreaking design to help baseball players train their overall throw, as well polish or learn specific pitches to add to their pitch arsenal.

CleanFuego makes your coaching, practices, warm-ups and training more effective and impactful. CleanFuego is the simple advantage that every player wants to help bring their game to the next level.

The CleanFuego Sets includes one CleanFuego Regulation weight and one Overweight CleanFuego. The Regulation Fuego is 5.25oz and the Overweight Fuego is 8oz, which is slightly heavier than the ball used in-game.

CleanFuego maintains a center of mass to mimic the flight and dynamics of a real baseball.



Customer Reviews

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Bobby Wilson
College of DuPage

Amazing product!

True spine

Cleanfuego is meant to achive true spin on pitches. My son still shows some wobble on his fast ball but throwing the cleanfuego has made his fastball appear like it's raising and comes in faster. We found out that his change-up has very little wobble and it's his best pitch. Still working on curve ball, because it wobbles so much that it looks like a round ball coming in. I was amazed at how the cleanfuego catches like a regular baseball.

Nathan Gegg

CLEANFUEGO SET (5¼oz & 8oz)

Ron Lansing

My grandson tells me that the product is better than advertised.

Joe Zagone

It’s good but my kid is having trouble throwing it correctly