CLEANFUEGO SET (5¼oz & 8oz)

  • $99.99

With CleanFuego®, players and coaches receive immediate visual feedback about the success and dynamics of each throw and, in real time, make adjustments.

CleanFuego uses a patented, groundbreaking design to help baseball players train their overall throw, as well polish or learn specific pitches to add to their pitch arsenal.

CleanFuego makes your coaching, practices, warm-ups and training more effective and impactful. CleanFuego is the simple advantage that every player wants to help bring their game to the next level.

The CleanFuego Sets includes one CleanFuego Regulation weight and one Overweight CleanFuego. The Regulation Fuego is 5.25oz and the Overweight Fuego is 8oz, which is slightly heavier than the ball used in-game.

CleanFuego maintains a center of mass to mimic the flight and dynamics of a real baseball.

American made for America's game.



Customer Reviews

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Ed Porcelli
William Peace University

We have used Clean Fuego training equipment for years...we needed new ones and the kids love them! Coach Porcelli

Edward Kehren
Dingers Athetics

Kids love them

Donny Campbell
Great tool for all position Great toolplayers great t

My pitchers absolutely love their clean fuegos. They talk about how they can see how their pitches look from release to catch and now can instantly think about how they can correct or adjust in practice and before after their bullpen sessions.

Roberto Devis
I finally got the Fuego kit, looks and feels awesome!!!

The Fuego kit just arrived and my son is very excited to test it out! awesome bag to keep it safe.

Thank you!!!

Aaron Shed
No response for over a week.

Shipment just says “arriving late”. Emailed them several times and have yet to receive a response. Last update was over a week ago.

Hi Aaron. Thank you for your purchase and for taking the time to give us your feedback. We have sent multiple emails in response to your inquiry and wanted to follow up on here since we haven't heard back from you. I apologize for the delay you experienced receiving your package - this time of year most carriers have been experiencing delays due to inclement weather/snowstorms. I see that your package was delivered, but would like to confirm that you have received it. Please don't hesitate to direct any questions to our email at Thanks again.