CLEANFUEGO SET (5¼oz & 8oz)

  • $99.99

With CleanFuego, players and coaches receive immediate visual feedback about the success and dynamics of each throw and, in real time, make adjustments.

CleanFuego uses a patented, groundbreaking design to help baseball players train their overall throw, as well polish or learn specific pitches to add to their pitch arsenal.

CleanFuego makes your coaching, practices, warm-ups and training more effective and impactful. CleanFuego is the simple advantage that every player wants to help bring their game to the next level.

The CleanFuego Sets includes one CleanFuego Regulation weight and one Overweight CleanFuego. The Regulation Fuego is 5.25oz and the Overweight Fuego is 8oz, which is slightly heavier than the ball used in-game.

CleanFuego maintains a center of mass to mimic the flight and dynamics of a real baseball.

Delivery by December 25 is guaranteed on orders placed on or before December 10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Thomas Bernardin
Spin it

These give immediate feed back! Now my 10 year old grandson understands when he is cutting his throws.

Tony Arriola
Great training tool

The best thing about this device is that my son wants to use it. Clean fuego is not a training tool that you have to force, it offers instant feedback and mentally forces you to concentrate on your every throw - what could be better?

Alex Via
Love Them

They got here quickly, Cant wait to get to work!!!!

Eric Shaner

Awesome product and awesome customer service!

Brian Rockweiler

CLEANFUEGO SET (5¼oz & 8oz)