Bundle of Fuego (3 pack)

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Get 15% OFF when you bundle 3 Regulation weight CleanFuego®!

For any baseball player or coach, this is the perfect in season or off season bundle.

Fuego provides immediate visual feedback on every throw, helping baseball athletes and coaches improve things like spin efficiency, grip, and so much more.  

American made for America's game.


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Customer Reviews

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Dylan Blakeley
Bundle of Joy

Fantastic. As a coach, I use this tool with guys from 10-18u, and they all LOVE it. Keep it up. The training aid, the QR code to scan, and more detailed videos on how to use clean fuego for curve balls and change-ups are lovely. Top to bottom, it is a fantastic product. Great stickers, too, by the way!

Joseph Abarr
Excellent product

Ordered a bundle for high school team I coach. Expected to only use it for a few pitchers, but we have found applications for all position players too. Have an outfielder that pushes when he throws and this is helping him really let it go with authority. Catcher that cuts the ball when throwing to 2B. Using this he is now throwing straight balls on throw downs. All it takes is a couple throws a day with this thing and there is noticeable difference. I have a feeling this will be a secret weapon when the next case of the yips rears its ugly head.

Update: one of ours split down the middle. It is kind of cool to see the inner workings. I had tried to make my own by epoxying two hockey pucks together, but it never worked, and now I see why. The clean fuego has a metal ball in the middle that effectively mimics the actual center of mass in a real baseball. Customer service immediately emailed me back when I sent them a pic, fully replaced it, and threw in a shirt. I know these things seem expensive, but they seem to be a very valuable investment if you coach or are serious about your own development as a player.

Johnny Wang
Great Tool

Really great tool to help players of all ages


This product is EXTREMELY helpful. A must buy, if you need to correct your spin rate / rotation.

William May

No feedback Christmas gift so not used yet