How do I know if I'm using CleanFuego® correctly?

HIDE THE SIDES! That's the foundation of CleanFuego. When you throw CleanFuego from your normal arm slot, you don't want to see the flat sides of the ball while it’s in flight. You should be able to get CleanFuego to fly straight and clean (no wobble, no cut) between 30-50'.

I heard Fuego is about FEEL. What does that mean?

When learning a new pitch or simply how to throw with Fuego - go for EXAGGERATED FEELS. Do NOT grip and rip. Interchange between a baseball and Fuego every 5 or so throws. Or every other throw. Find what works for you! Back and forth. Bring those exaggerated feels you're using with Fuego and translate those onto the baseball to better feel.

How should I interpret the visual cues and immediate feedback Fuego provides?

Every player is unique and every throw is different. But, to provide some starting points, CleanFuego will often WOBBLE when it’s GRIP related (middle of ball, pressure, thumb, etc.) and often CUT when it's THROW related (wrist position, elbow lead, pronate/supinate, etc.). 

Should I change my arm slot to make Fuego fly clean and straight?

No. Don't change your arm slot. CleanFuego is scientifically designed to replicate a baseball. You should be able to get it to fly clean from your natural arm slot.

Should CleanFuego cut in the air?

The only time CleanFuego will (and should) actually cut is when you're training your slider. CleanFuego will also start to cut a bit at 60'+. If you're getting a little cut on your 4-seam FB at longer distances, that's okay. You'll see the difference between those sweeping cuts that you want to avoid; and a small, minor cut at the tail.

Can I throw CleanFuego into a wall?
No. While CleanFuego is incredibly durable, it's a training tool. We recommend throwing CleanFuego with a partner, or into a net or tarp.

How far should I throw CleanFuego?
The distance you throw CleanFuego depends entirely up to the player and/or coach. We recommend no further than 70 feet; however, some players use CleanFuego throughout their entire long-toss program. This is very difficult though, and should be done only at the athletes own discretion!

What age can players start training with CleanFuego?
We recommend CleanFuego to ages 13 and up. When a player is able to hold the baseball with a 2-finger grip, it's possible to start training with CleanFuego.

Who can use CleanFuego?
Anyone. And tell us how you're training with CleanFuego. Make sure to tag us on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and/or Facebook!

How do I know if CleanFuego is working for me?
You’ll feel your throws are released “cleaner” and the feel of your release will be smoother. You can also track your progress and improvements by using a baseball data capturing device. 

Is CleanFuego Patented?
Yes. CleanFuego is patented - U.S. Patent No. 10561915.
CleanFuego, Unicorn Fastball ®, and UFO Change Ups  are a registered trademarks with the USPTO.

How can I make sure I get my order in time for the holidays?
Delivery by December 25 is guaranteed on orders placed on or before December 10.